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12:42pm Saturday, 26th July 2008

so much has happened this month.

3 weekends ago cole set off down the m74 to the lakes to deposit G with uma and oompa. it was a long round trip and whilst it was sad to see G go it was also very exciting for cole and p to spend some quality time alone together. G had a fab week away, as did cole and peta in his absence with a trip to the cinema (to see Indiana Jones), a meal out at wannaburger and plenty of lie-ins. yay!

the following weekend uma and oompa brought G back home so we had a celebratory BBQ in the hope that summer might eventually rear it’s head. it didn’t.

last weekend we enjoyed a visit from moomin and the first rays of sunshine in our scottish summer. on saturday we all headed off to stirling to get G some shiny new wellies before a lovely trip to inchmahome priory, a ruinous building on an island in the lake of menteith, scotland’s only lake (all the other ones are lochs). a lovely afternoon was had with walks around the priory and grounds, feeding the ducks, and football.

on sunday we headed into edinburgh. p was working so moomin, G and cole set off for coffee before a trip to Dynamic Earth. Cole decided to shell out on a year pass for him and G but sadly, G absolutely hated the experience so not sure when will be going back. Dinosaurs and loud, dark rooms not condusive to bairn fun alas!!

anyway, that brings us to this weekend. we are currently enjoying a very lazy Saturday, taking the opportunity to post up some snaps too so have a peruse to see how our wee yin is growing daily!