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12:39pm Wednesday, 6th August 2008

So sorry for the delay – we’ve have been internetless for the past couple of weeks thanks to the idiots at AOL.

well, it is official. we are expecting bairn 2.0 and had the scan this morning. two arms, two legs, a head and a beating heart.

will report more later. yay!


Stef said on Sunday, 10th August 2008

hoy hoy!!! greetings from a guy somewhere in the middle of england. Contrats on your E.T look alike (scan) no really, it has a remarkable resemblance!!! but seriously, congratulations on another contribution to the Henley family! your letting another individual embark on a journey that can only be described as perculiar when the title Henley is attached, but thats not a bad thing. may this new life experience the crazy and beautiful and develop into a wonderful and unique human being like her/his mother, father and brother. i officially finish my long and 'hard' 16 years of education on the 15th of Augustus, and am celebrating through the splenda of Bestival on the 5th at the Isle of White early september. Once that is over i will have a lot more free time on my hands, as i can finally live up to my aspirations of being a qualified bum. I deserve it!! but really, i would love to come and visit the scottish areas you call home and keep my promise of child sitting Cole and Peta, to give Gethin the break he deserves! maybe with some company in the form of Lucy??

Hope your all keeping well, its fantastic news, and hope to hear from you soon. peas x

lynne & David said on Sunday, 10th August 2008

Congratulations to you both, that means more smelly nappies & another 'blog o rama' site to visit hooray! We are so happy for you all, when is little bairn due?
Love & Hugs Lynne & David

Kate Murchie said on Thursday, 7th August 2008

Big, big, big, big, big BIG enormous gigantic smiles, happy, happy, happy news : ) : ) Congratulations again again again : )

Moomin said on Wednesday, 6th August 2008

CONGRATS on wee Henley mkII being on the way!! Love his/her first photograph to start a life time of posing for the camera and a new ablum. XX

ps time to move from AOL to BT.