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07:56am Saturday, 1st April 2006


6 days late. Now I know daddy is a wee bit lazy and not the most punctual but 6 days! Peta is feeling fine but then her brain has been addled by several thousand tacky mags and she is well on her way to watching every DVD in the house!

Went to see Pat, our midwife, to look at our options. Peta is not too keen on any form of intervention and Pat was fine with this. We are going back on Tuesday which will be 9 days after due date. At that stage bairn doesn’t have to be induced but there will be concerns about the function of the placenta at this stage so there would have to be monitoring of bairn to check that its heartbeat is okay and it is getting enough oxygen. In this scenario Dr Henley will probably have to take his paternity leave as this will require a daily trip to the hospital in Livi. So fingers crossed bairn makes an appearance this weekend ;) Cole is hoping for April 1st. I pity the fool…

Elsewhere, Cole finished his last day of work doing HLA at the Royal Commission on Friday. On Monday, bairn permitting, Cole will be embarking on ventures new into the wild waters of web development. Masts hoisted, decks scrubbed, wish me luck you land lubbers