bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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11:41pm Tuesday, 4th April 2006

well, after a quality nights sleep, cole got some things straight in the house, updated the rellys and went to the hospital to see peta and gethin. all were well and cole got to change his first nappy. not especially smelly but the contents were an unusual shade of green with the consistency of a chocolate fudge cake that has been left out in the sun for too long. yuk!

dad’s weren’t allowed on the ward over lunch so popped over to the shops to get some essential supplies for peta and a nice lunch at maccy ds. upon wolfing down a particularly unappetising fillet o’ fish cole realised he had only eaten two slices of cold toast and a delightful hospital cheese and coleslaw sandwich (without the coleslaw it turned out) since sunday evening. funny what you can get on with on this adrenalin malarky!

back to the hospital to help peta out with gethin. both mother and child were still very sleepy.

anyway, some early observations of the esteemed gethin william albert henley. he is an inquisitive sort. form birth he has been looking around, taking in the world around him and wondering about important stuff like why are wasps, what does winter smell like and who is this strange man with the beard?

he is also (so far) quite quiet. the occasional cry has not really been particularly noisy or distressing on the ears (certainly compared to the potential realised by the other bairns on the ward). even when changing clothes or nappies, he does not seem particularly phased, rather resting his eyelids. the midwife tells us he is very happy to be handled (again, unlike some of the other babies on the ward).

despite his weight he is not particularly chubby but just big. he does not quite reach the full length of the cot but he is getting there and already there isn’t much room for expansion in his 0-3 month baby clothes. young gethin henley certainly seems quite the gentle giant compared to the trio of six pounders also in the room.

little else to report. still some sleep to catch up on so shall away shortly but firstly a big thanks to everyone for their well wishes (far too many to mention), ryan and shelley for patiently waiting so long, ken and blanche for the lovely flowers, the smashing midwives (all of them) for all their help and support and, as the scribe of this site, i would just like to say a massive thank you to peta for enduring such pain and for bringing a lovely son into this world, and also to gethin for making it and being just what we wanted. sorry, got a bit gushy there but had to be said.