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10:13pm Wednesday, 5th April 2006

young gethin was on fine form today. he managed to poo at all the right times (when dad wasn’t visiting) and was generally quite content. peta is doing well and looking forward to coming home.

granny/moomin fiona ‘popped’ up from the south of england to visit and got to meet the next generation. gethin had all his tests today. he has all the appropriate digits and things like that, and was apparently quite cute when having his hearing tested. he is just shy of two foot tall, which is pretty tall for a two day old i gather, meaning that the bundle of 0-3 month clothes we had got for him are beginning to look more like 0-3 days. he also managed to do a quite spectacular vomit all over mum and bed whilst feeding. go son!

well, daddy had better pop to bed as this may be the last chance in a wee while to get a good nights sleep (though given gethin’s behaviour so far he might prove to be quite the chilled child, touch wood).