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12:29pm Friday, 7th April 2006

peta and gethin came home yesterday afternoon. young geth seemed to enjoy the drive and the cd cole had made in his honour.

moomin elmore came back with us and kindly did an uber-shop so we are nicely stocked up for a wee while. gethin settled in okay but against our pre-gethin wishes we had to resort to the dummy to soothe him. he is constantly in need of oral stimulation and there is only so much feeding peta can manage! since birth he has almost permanently tried to get his fingers in his gob. the midwife reckoned that using a dummy was okay as long as we remove it once a pattern/routine is established and before his long-term memory has kicked in. as she said, “it is easier to remove a dummy than to remove his fingers”.

our first night at home went okay. gethin took a long time to get settled, taking in his new surroundings, and didn’t begin to drop off until about 2am. he was quiet most of the night but peta had to get up to feed him at five and cole changed his nappy shortly after. we have tried him in his sling and he seems quite content being walked around in it. we popped out to see the chickens but it was a bit breezy and (quite wisely) he didnt seem to like the cold.

gethin is looking forward to meeting his other grandparents today. gramps elmore is arriving after lunch whilst oma and oompa henley will be coming up from the midlands this evening. also getting our first house visit from our fab midwife, pat, today. think we might take gethin for his first trip to the pub this evening to meet the locals (thanks to the smoking ban north of the border) but will see how he goes. bit early for a pint of samuel smiths lager