bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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05:41pm Sunday, 9th April 2006

almost a week into parenthood and all is seemingly well. the three wise grandparents said their goodbyes to gethin today as they set off back down south. it was really great to have them around so soon after peta and gethin came out of hospital but it is just the three of us now.

gethin is struggling to sleep at the moment but saying that, as i type he is having a nice snooze in the kitchen after spending most of the day asleep. he is feeding well and we are still awaiting his first dirty nappy since hospital. this was a source of some concern at first but the midwife assures us it is quite normal. apparently the local record for a newborn is 21 days without a poop. we can certainly deal with that!

gethin’s sleepiness today is a far cry from the previous two evenings where he has been up alot, definitely a night owl it would seem. most of his nocturnal activity has been dealt with by peta (with cole managing to sleep through most of friday evening) but cole is usually up at five for the obligatory wet nappy change. we are still very much at the ‘what does this cry mean’ stage of parenthood (he is not as quiet as first it seemed but not particularly noisy either) but we both seem to be managing okay so far. cole is still a bit wary about handling, winding, etc and could do with a paternal chill pill at times but is always improving! after the delivery experience, cole has also been quite paranoid about gethin’s breathing but again, that is quite normal apparently and it has not been bad enough to require the ol’ mirror test.