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10:03am Monday, 10th April 2006

two…hours…sleep… young Gethin, it would seem, is a slumber terrorist. very stressful night for all involved last night (not least wee Geth). Peta and Cole were up for most of the night whilst the wee yin cried and cried and cried some more.

wet/dirty nappy? nope. hungry? nope. needs a cuddle? nope. too cold/hot? nope. it would seem Gethin was crying because he was tired which was keeping him from sleeping. oh, the paradox! well, he seems to be sleeping fine now but that is what probably got him into trouble last night so will try to keep him awake and stimulated today so he will be tired and ready for kip this evening. fingers crossed!

anyway, hoping to make a family venture into Linlithgow today. Peta hasn’t really left the house since she got back from hospital on Thursday so thought we could show Gethin the sights, sounds and smells of our local town.