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01:01pm Tuesday, 11th April 2006

well, as one life comes into this world we must, sadly, say goodbye to another as cole’s coffee machine passed away this morning after many years good service. krups 963/a, you were an exemplary servant without which cole probably would have never finished his doctorate. you will be sorely missed!

on a more positive note, gethin slept like a dream last night after some nifty swaddling. we think because he is so animated he was often startling himself with his flailing arms. with said extremities now out of the equation he is sleeping soundly and only wakes in the night to feed.

this is, however, taking its toll on peta who is having to sleep through much of the day to catch up not only on interrupted nights but also i don’t think she has caught up with the sleepless labour she had to endure.

anyway, hope you all like the new look for the site. with gethin now a week old cole felt the bairn blog, as it was, was a bit anonymous so has conducted a swift revamp to reflect the new addition to the henley household. enjoy…