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10:52pm Wednesday, 8th March 2006

well it’s all seeming quite real now. peta finished work for six months yesterday and only 18 days to go….

we have pretty much everything in place but eagerly awaiting arrival of the real nappies. thought we’d save a few landfill sites and a few pennies whilst we were at it by going down the reusables road, and apparently it is good for bonding with bairn in this age of swift convenience and disposables. thanks to fiona (moomin) for helping get these – it’s one of the best presents ever and we can use it for baby #2!

thanks to an abundance of generous family and friends we seem to have everything a 21st century bairn could ask for (and more). it has a bigger wardrobe than mum and dad combined, and all in blue so here’s hoping for a suitably gendered arrival.

the crib is in place, the blankets poised, the maternity bag not quite packed and the dad almost calm, aided by the fantastic dads2b classes that have been going on in Livingston. After a Monday evening covering baby handling, bathing and clothing i have every confidence that bairn will be well dressed, clean and dropped on only the seldomest of occasions!

so, with only a couple of weeks to go we’ve been giving much thought to the dreaded pecking order – whom to tell and who to get to tell whom when bairn deigns us with their presence! anyone else confused? makes it oh so simple when everyone lives in another country! well, so you all know the immediate point of contact will be with our parents, then our siblings. we’ll probably ask them to let other family members know as time away from baby will just be too much! will try to work out the next phase for friends before bairn pops out…