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05:57pm Thursday, 13th April 2006

donner unt blitzen. shall keep this brief as have to away for reasons that will shortly become apparent but today has been an almightily crazy day. after gethin’s rash got the all clear from the midwife and we prepared to away for peta’s date with some scissors, pat the midwife popped back as she had to weigh gethin.

imagine our surprise when it was revealed that gethin had seemingly lost a kilo in weight since birth. now i hadn’t realised that babies lose weight after birth and then put it back on again but a quarter of his birth weight was some pretty serious losage. a trip to the hospital was in order where some bloods were promptly taken from gethin. it transpired that the poor wee fella was quite severely dehydrated (hence the weight loss) and was not getting enough sustenance from mummys boob.

peta and gethin are staying in overnight where they will try to supplement his breast feeding with formula and take some more bloods to make sure his hydration levels are on the up. so, all a bit scary but no particularly bad news (except peta not getting to have her hair cut). must away now to take overnight supplies to them both. byeee