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09:08pm Friday, 14th April 2006

so far so good. the paediatrician (sp?) wants to keep peta and gethin in hospital another night to ensure that he is regaining his weight and feeding okay but all seems to be going well. gethin is feeding well every three hours, with breast-feeding supplemented by formula. formula is something neither of us had thought about so had to pop out and buy some bottles and formula powder from asda, now suitably sterilised and eagerly awaiting the happy homecoming.

gethin is quite sleepy and back to his chilled out old self (for the meantime at least) whilst he tries to regain his original birth weight. feed, sleep, feed, sleep, feed, sleep…takes after his dad then!

the good news is that gethin managed his first poo today since he was originally in hospital (some eight days ago!) and what an almighty poo it was. fortunately he couldn’t wait for the paternal visit so poor peta was left cleaning up the mess.