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02:16pm Saturday, 15th April 2006

peta and gethin are now home. gethin was weighed this morning and has regained 400g so well on the way to getting back to his full birth weight.

once home he has fed and did his second poo in as many days, but this time managing a magnificent pee on dad mid-change, bullseye!


Pat McGoverne said on Sunday, 16th April 2006

Times haven't changed! Peta and Cole, you are obviously doing your very best for a much loved son, I'm just amazed 35 years on that parents are still given guilt trips, I had quite a few inflicted on me whilst Jamie was a new baby, re breast v bottle etc. Like both of you I was a first time parent with no family close by, and at times I felt so inadequate, but still wanted to rear him as planned (whilst still taking sensible advice on board) - it was so much easier with Ryan, having more confidence in what I was doing. it also helped that he really was, and always has been since, an absolute gem!
You really should have been warned about weight loss, the bigger the baby, the more they lose until they settle down again.
Gethin is a very lucky boy to have you both (and looks quite a gem himself! You'll laugh and you'll cry, but don't forget to enjoy!