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07:55am Sunday, 23rd April 2006

poor, poor gethin has been a bit poorly with constipation after being on formula for a week or so. it’s not too bad, we are having to top him up with cooled, boiled water between feeds, but it has led to some distress, some quality gurning and the oddest of poos (think of greyey-blue playdough but a bit wiffy-er!)

a lazy weekend has so far been had by all (particularly cole who has spent most of it asleep, though he would place the blame on a deep-fried pizza he ate), and moomin has popped up for a few days to see grandchild and assist with all the kerfuffle that babies entail.

a moment of high drama this morning as cole, trying to do some upstanding dad stuff whilst peta caught up on some sleep, managed to drop gethin. fortunately it was only a wee bit from the floor as cole was stooped over picking something up but pretty scary stuff. thankfully gethin seemed unphased by the whole thing though dad was a bit scarified!


seelee said on Wednesday, 26th April 2006

marvellous to read that you are keepin' it real daddy-o!

uma henley said on Sunday, 23rd April 2006

I know babis are supposed to bounce but you shouldnt put it to the test.....