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10:02pm Wednesday, 26th April 2006

sorry for lack of updates. the good news is that gethin is not reporting any ill effects from sunday’s paternal clumsiness.

yesterday he got to meet his health visitor for the first time who was most impressed with our wee smasher (or ‘bruiser’ as i think she called him). he got a little red book to keep track of his developments (a bit early for this is your life?) and according to the chart in the back of the book he is in the top percentile of height for 3-week old babies and will apparently be just shy of 2m tall by his 20th birthday. he’ll be in dad’s hand-me-downs in no time at all!

Gethin went into hospital this morning for his follow-up weigh-in and joy of joys he has regained his birth weight and a bit more, now at 4.49kg! The doctors are quite happy with his progress and the paediatrician felt there was no need for us to go back to hospital for any further check ups, even though he pee-ed on the nurse. with the hospital being in nearby livingston cole was once more at the mercy of public transport to get to work and quelle surprise, what should have been a 24min train journey from livi to edinburgh ended up taking well over an hour. and people wonder why we are a nation of petrol-heads determined to get to places under our own steam!

we are still trying to refine gethin’s feeding routine and almost have it sussed. he is pretty much feeding every four hours now (…3-7-11-3-7-11…), although the last couple of days he has been getting up a bit earlier than normal so some fine tuning still required. the good news for all concerned is that he is spending most of the time between each feed fast asleep and pulling an amusing variety of faces. peta too is at long last getting to catch up on some much needed sleep (though with less amusing facial expressions) whilst cole is successfully managing to slumber when the evening feed comes around, though sadly not when the evening nappy change comes around.

sadly, peta, cole and gethin had to bid farewell to moomin elmore today who headed back down south after providing some much appreciated helping hands since the weekend. who is going to make cole his morning coffee and eggy bread now? why are the dishes suddenly not magically washing themselves up? come back moomin elmore!