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08:57pm Saturday, 29th April 2006

g’evening all. again, apologies for limited updates of late. despite spending most of the day asleep, gethin seem’s to be occupying most of our waking moments (but then, that’s babies for you!). what between the washing and sterilising of bottles, preparing and delivery of feeds (boil the water, let the water cool, mix the formula, put it in the fridge, take it out the fridge, warm it to room temperature, administer to geth gob), washing of clothes, changing of nappies and the obligatory catching up on sleep there isn’t very much time left in the day for the updating of blogs.

having said that, as i type gethin is himself catching up on some well-earned sleep, exhausted from a day’s best behaviour plus a couple of well overdue poo’s!

since the last update peta has been faring very well indeed at being a home-alone housewife and mum, whilst cole has been enjnoying his new job in edinburgh (although not so much the daily commute). gethin has been very well indeed, although until today he has still been quite constipated causing noticeable distress for the boy and some sleeplessness/VERY early mornings for the parents.

today peta, cole and gethin headed into edinburgh to meet ryan and shelley. cole successfully managed to dismantle and reassemble the buggy in record time and gethin seemed to enjoy his first train trip (if sleeping qualifies as enjoyment). upon arriving in the big smoke the henleys split up, peta and gethin visited gorgie city farm with shelley and her friends whilst cole and ryan thought they would make the most of the lovely scottish weather and headed to the pub to watch the manu-chelsea game and play a few games of pool. a grand day out was had by all, despite the footy result, and we made it back in time for gethin’s evening feed without him getting too upset.

right. going to go and relax to the last of the mohicans. fine saturday evening fodder i think you will all agree: you stay alive, no matter what occurs, i will find you…