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05:55am Monday, 1st May 2006

can’t believe it is monday already. where has the weekend gone! sunday was a lazy one for all concerned. cole got a substantial lie-in until half-past-eight at peta’s behest. can you imagine? half-eight! long gone are the days of yore and am already appreciating an extra half hour’s shut eye, let alone two whole hours! zzzzzzzzzzzz…

for the past week or so gethin has been getting up at the half-five/six mark which is not particularly impressive if you ask me! we cannot figure out whether it is the early light of BST, or his poo-struggles (still quite emminent) which are waking him up so early. i think some thicker curtains and laxatives are in order!

sunday seemed to revolve around sleep for all the henleys. after cole eventually stirred, peta managed to catch up on some well-earned shut-eye with a four hour nap whilst even gethin managed some quality dozing. day of rest indeed! then in no time at all it was the evening, cole had dozed off on the sofa watching miss marple (missing who ‘dun’ it), gethin was ready for bed and the weekend was over :( cole doesn’t even get bank holiday monday off