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11:15am Thursday, 4th May 2006

at work but aware of blog tardiness of late so just time to squeeze a quick update out whilst i am on my lunch break.

gethin is still struggling to get those ol’ bowels working properly but has upgraded to his spangly real nappies (as opposed to the landfill inducing ‘fake’ variety) to see if these encourage things to quite literally move along. the downside of real nappies is they are quite gigantic and give gethin a posterior that J-Lo would be proud of, but it does gives us a chance to squeeze him into some of the larger clothes he has been given. gethin is feeding abundantly at the moment and has taken to having the occasional meltdown between feeds. one particular episode last night had dad in a bit of a panic – nappy? check. hungry? check. temperature? check. nappy? checked that already. change channel on telly? check. nappy? now am i sure i checked that already? how do i appease this little bundle of wailing joy?

it turned out in the end that he was hungry and a wee feed calmed him down. the thing is he definitely has a healthy appetite but his eyes are bigger than his stomach, or rather they are around the same size as each other, so he is needing top ups between the four hourly routine we have set ourselves. the steriliser is on overdrive as we always seem to be making up extra bottles here and there, plus we are giving him some water to try and get his fluids up and moisten his poos. saying that, we shouldn’t really be complaining that we are only getting a dirty nappy once every two or three days, particularly having heard about the projectile bowel movements of cousin samuel!

peta has had quite the busy week. on top of being a 24-7 mum and housewife she met up with the mums (and babies) from her ante-natal class for the first time. a fun time was had by all accounts and gethin apparently had a young female admirer in jessica, but a few days his senior the wee toy boy! peta and geth are hoping to meet up with everyone again next week at a mums group in linlithgow, although apparently they aren’t allowed to go to the breast-feeding group in town because peta has to top gethin up with a bottle. all sounds a bit fascist to me!

today p & g are heading into edinburgh so gethin can attend his first bookstart event in granton, sadly having missed the monthly linlithgow meeting. a fine opportunity for peta to meet up with her workmates, show off gethin and see the mums and children from the bookstart groups she has been running, as well as an important chance to get out the house – something of a rarity since cole has appropriated the car to get to work.

anyway. have a meeting to go to sp will say farewell and hope it isn’t as long again until i can put finger to keyboard…