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07:29am Sunday, 7th May 2006

hello everyone! sorry for the gap in entries – getting told off by oompa. what’s been happening in the world of the henley family 2? gethin is as cute as ever, although his eating routine is getting more and more bizarre. Great uncle michael was here on friday night and we all talked about feeding on demand. I had to wake Geth to feed him before bed, and boy did he scream! he was not a happy bunny! I haven’t heard that before, but luckily he stopped very quickly. Mike was very impressed and said that if that was as bad as it gets then we are very lucky parents and gethin’s a great baby! hurruh! so the demand feeding – it’s NOT working! we tried it yesterday with hazardous results. I can’t cope with this way of doing things – and he was up twice during last night for his bottle, as opposed to the usual one time. And because he is feeding when he wants it’s every 2 and half hours or so, and he will only take a little a time so we have no idea how much to make up in his bottles, and invariably end up wasting half of it. But today I’m going back on track with every 4 hours. It worked for a while so here’s hoping we can slip back into it, even if it means I’m distracting him for an hour or so.

Yesterday was a good day for me – I went back to bed at 8 in the morning and resurfaced at half two in the afternoon! ooooops, I guess cole was left holding the baby. But the three of them went to the pub for lunch, and I’m sure, more than one boozey drink! as soon as I got up, cole headed off to bed! Talk about tag sleeping! I’ve been getting more things done around the house too – the occasional hoover and dust, and the washing. it all helps me feel normal. all in all I had a fab week, a little tired, but very active. Monday geth and I walked to the train station and met cole from work and headed off to Ikea. On tuesday we went for a walk and had a visit from Gramps. On wednesday I met up with all the mums from my antenatal group for a coffee, which was lovely. and on Thursday we headed into edinburgh again and attended our first Bounce & Tickle and met some other new babies that had been born whilst I was away! all very exciting! Friday was the only day we did nothing, very dull! we tried to go for a walk but the buggy had a whopping puncture and barely made it passed the farm. so in the evening sunshine cole and i sat outside and repaired the tyre with our neighbours alison and roberto! And we opened a smashing parcel from mad aunt elaine and uncle jay – Gething adores his new outfit, especially the dragon booties!!! where on earth did you get them? they’re the best!

Well we’re currently awaiting the arrival of lovely aunt Kate who will be staying for a few days (does she know what she’s let herself in for…..?) eeeep!

off now to make up his lordship’s bottles for the day…ciao everyone!