bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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07:23am Thursday, 11th May 2006

gethin had his weigh in on tuesday, the wee welter-weight coming in at 11lb 6oz! a gentle giant we think you will all agree. at his weigh in he was subjected to a variety of necessary but amusing tests, including a walking reflex test where he was held aloft (naked i might add) and his feet take little mini steps, one in front of the other. apparently all babies are born knowing how to walk but forget then relearn it again. it was the cutest thing ever and it seems gethin is about ready for running alongside shelley in the edinburgh race for life-a-thon next month.

peta has been ably assisted over the past few days by her old school friend (a friend from her old school, not an ‘old-skool’ friend so to speak) kate who drove up from norfolk to say hello. the weather has been just about perfect leading to much relaxing in the outdoor sunshine – scorcio! kate, gethin and peta popped into edinburgh for some yummy food and window shopping on monday, which was kate’s birthday, and generally hung out.

on wednesday peta met back up with her mums from antenatal group – and some more mums to boot – and had a groovy time showing gethin off to some new linlithgow mums. on all accounts he was very well behaved but then he pretty much always is!

after the debacle of trying (and failing) to demand feed we’ve got gethin down to a pretty good routine which he seems quite happy with. the ol’ 2.30, 6.30 and 10.30 feeds but we are now putting him to bed at 8 and the last couple of nights he has been going straight to sleep. this morning we actually had to wake him up for his feed so he is quite the content little fella! his new trick is to wake mum and dad up with a lovely, massive smile from ear to ear. bless.

cole has been off work for a couple of days with his annual ‘its summer time, the sun is out so had better catch a cold’. this is quite annoying as being a habitual hypochondriac, cole usually milks it and gets a couple of days in bed but loving his new job and worried about germifying gethin he really can’t wait to get it out of his system. on the plus side he hadn’t had any coffee for three days (until this morning) and not smoked for two days!