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08:42pm Saturday, 13th May 2006

another week over, and gethin is fast approaching his 7th week of life. where is the time going? it seems so long ago now that i was struggling with our new arrival, and finding it difficult to cope. I adore gethin now and can’t believe how hard and depressing i found the first couple of weeks. It’s still hard at times, but I’ve moved on from the all consuming cloud that seemed to cover me in utter despair. hurray! Post natal depression is so evil, but i’m glad I got mine under control as soon as it surfaced, and I’m glad that i made sure I discussed the likelihood that i would get it with my GP and midwife. thanks again to Cole, my family, and in-laws, and all my friends for your support and belief in me – that i “can do it”! I love you all!

well this week saw my lovely friend kate come and stay, it was brilliant to see her, and sad to say goodbye. gethin loved having you here! next week I’ve got nobody here – boo hoo, but lots of things planned. monday geth and i are going to the local bounce & tickle: tuesday we’re going back to the weigh in clinic (better get those heavy duty scales at the ready!): wednesday is the wednesday club with other new mums: thursday we’re heading into edinburgh for a big bookstart bash to celebrate scottish bookstart day – and a chance to catch up with all my bookstart colleagues (and pat michelle’s tummy – 24 weeks now is it?): friday – nothing planned actually so any suggestions? if the weather is anything like it has been this week I’ll be outside in the garden!

Gethin has had a good day today – some nice pyroclastic poos which mummy dutifully cleaned up! not as funny as thursday’s changing debacle though – daddy was “on the case”, and geth thought it would be funny to fart in his face. but it didn’t stop there – cole and i were rolling about laughing when he peed all over cole, and then proceeded to excrete some foul poo poo everywhere to boot! how we love changing nappy times! hee hee, how we laughed. Gethin actually loves having his nappy changed, i think he sees it as “quality time” with mummy and daddy and gurgles away happily – hence the cute latest photos! we’re also currently trying to get rid of a granuloma on geth’s tummy – a bit of umbilical cord regrowth – which is prolonging geth’s favourite time of the day. he also seems to alternate between sleepy days and awake days – and today he really excelled himself! I’m actually quite nervous – uncle marty started to stay awake throughout the entire day from a very early age, and geth was awake from half 2 in the afternoon to half eight this evening! ooooooops – a lively little bundle! at least he was in a fun and happy mood, and a delight to be with, our little cutie smiler!

Talking of uncle marty – found out last night that we probably won’t be seeing him at the end of the month when family henley 2 venture to somerset to meet everyone, which I’m really gutted about. I know martin will be totally smitten with gethin and was really looking forward to seeing them bond together. at least we’ll see him in june when he comes up here to stay with dad.

i think that’s all for now – more to follow at a later date! ciao everyone! xxx