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11:12am Friday, 19th May 2006

good grief! where has this week gone? sorry for lack of entries again this week – been too busy! what a change from the first few weeks – I used to feel that i was literally glued to the sofa – life seemed very dull, and I was often too nervous to leave the room let alone go out of the house! but now there’s no stopping me! Geth and I have been out practically all week – having said that we’d do certain things, we actually didn’t, but did other fun things instead!

We went into edinburgh on tuesday and visited some shops, buying some practical bits and bobs for taking geth’s bottles and feeds out and about. we also bought a great book – “baby bliss” – with the tokens cousin stef bought us for christmas – thanks stef! cole found this book particularly useful having been getting quite upset with certain aspects of geth’s behaviour. I hope cole will write an entry later and explain!

on wednesday we went to the wednesday club and met up with other mums and had lots of worries allayed and questions answered! everything that gethin had recently been going through was totally normal – he is currently going through a growth spurt and is the reason behind his new found crying voice ( which is relatively quiet, thankfully!), his increased appetite, and regular waking bouts. we have had to change his feeding routine from every four years to every three. We’re finding it sooo much better to be honest – i was apprehensive, but it is really working and we’re both a lot happier! after the club finished we all went to the pub and had a lovely lunch, and then i met up with all the mums from my antenatal group for a catch up! wonderful!

On thursday geth and i caught a lift with daddy into edinburgh again to go to bookstart’s big scottish rhymetime in princes street gardens! we had a great time catching up with my bookstart buddies and lots of the mums from bounce & tickle! although geth slept through the first rhymetime! it was fantastic to see all the little ones enjoying themselves and seeing how much they’ve all grown. geth was on his best behaviour and got lots of new fans! everybody was amazed at his alertness and how smiley and happy he is – he smiles loads! it was wonderful to hear people saying such nice things about my son – all comments just added to my confidence, which in turn will make me a better mummy! (now we just have to get cole around to hear them too and boost his confidence.) we left the bookstart event (having scoffed lots of cake….) and visited the museum. geth loved it!!!! we sat in the cafe, which looks like a giant three storey bird cage, just happily gazing at all the windows! bliss! we eventually met up with daddy and got home in time for our evening feed! phew! we were pooped!

sleep – what’s that? – geth has been finding his feet again after a hiccup in his sleeping pattern. we were getting quite used to his waking up once for a feed, but since the weekend he decided to wake up all the time and be grisly. on wednesday we decided to try letting him sleep through, which was disastrous! last night he was back on form though, much to mummy and daddy’s relief. but will it last??? hope so…..