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08:10pm Wednesday, 24th May 2006

The Three Henleys prepare to embark on their intrepid adventure south. Supplies and morale are high but boot space, alas, is low. No one knows what challenges lie ahead on our mammoth expedition to the faraway land they call England but it will be a fun-filled, and no-doubt nappy-filled, journey of joy.

This week Gethin and Peta have again been quite busy. On monday a relaxing day was had at home and with an afternoon visitation of Amy who brought with her gifts of chocolate. Tuesday was the weekly weigh-in where Gethin has advanced to an impressive 12lb 6oz. The health visitor noted that our wee chap was as bright as a button but sadly has developed eczema, the poor fella, so we are to garnish him with cream a few times a day and avoid contact with irritable clothes. Contact with irritable fathers, on the other hand, is to be encouraged!

On Wednesday Peta met up for her weekly blether and buns with the mums from her ante-natal class, at which Gethin was his usual, adorable and well-behaved self. The group had a talk from a doctor (the proper kind, not the Cole variety) about the various illnesses babies might encounter in their first year of life, and how they can be treated. After the mum-a-thon, Peta went for a long overdue and well-deserved crop in town and can now be seen sporting a lovely bob (see snap).

Cole had a trip to the doctor this morning (again, the proper variety) as he has been paid a visit by the dreaded dandruff fairy who has exacted an evil curse upon his scalp. Thankfully, he has been prescribed some hardcore shampoo with steroids so he should be sporting a super-strong bouffant in no time at all!

We will endeavour to get some updates of our antics on here whilst we are away but in case we are too busy having fun we shall wish you all a super week and hope to see you back here in a week or so’s time.