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03:29pm Tuesday, 6th June 2006

we were afraid. very afraid.

of what you may well ask? well, a week away from home brought with it not only the fear of turning our ultra-dependent cat, belle, into a frenzied pundle of anxiety (this fear, it turns out, was justified), but also the fear that spending so much time in the car (i reckon we clocked up around 27 hours on our travels) may make Gethin immune to the calming – nay, sleep inducing – qualities of the automobile. in fact, the opposite were true. gethin slept soundly throughout our day-and-a-bit in transit but since our return to the north (which has been quite sunny these past few days) he has been quite unsettled. it is as if he now requires the feeling of motion to get to sleep. a pram is a suitable substitute for the car seat but no-one wants to walk a pram whenever junior needs a nap. particularly if it is raining. at six in the morning. in scotland.

then hussah for the return of the swaddle! last night, upon wrapping gethin into a baby-sized tortilla, the most unusual thing happened.

he slept.

and slept.

and slept some more!

peta tried to wake him for a half-past-ten feed but to no avail. the poor lad had not only gone to the land of nod but lost his bearings and compass whilst there, befriending a couple of locals who were intent on showing him around. he slept through until around fourish, but then slept again until seven. marvellous!

it is early days yet (our survey sample of one day is small enough to make even the most creative statistician whince) but by jove, if i’m not going to have some hope that the wee nipper may doze through almost another night.