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07:06pm Wednesday, 7th June 2006

new generations. you wait an age (a generation?) for one and then a bunch come at once. star trek fans had to wait 21 years for their next generation!

anyway. what are you whittering on about doctor henley? well, on the 3rd of april 2006 young gethin was a brave pioneer, treading boldly where no-one had trod before into a new generation of mine and peta’s families. now everyone’s at it!

shortly after gethin was born cousin samuel emerged into this world. now they are popping out like katie price at a red carpet event.

on the 13th of may (lucky for some) cole’s cousin, annya, gave birth to lovely young mia. then yesterday, gethin’s second second cousin, wee gabriella/e, was born to peta’s cousin hannah. congratulations to you both.

plus there is one more around the corner, with annya’s sister claudi due in september. now, girl or boy? odds even!


Pat said on Monday, 12th June 2006

Five minutes at last - getting older seems to be as time consuming as having a youngster!
I loved meeting the Henley family at last, I can easily see why Ryan thinks the world of you all. Gethin is absolutely beautiful, he might be acquiring young cousins at a rate of knots, but he's most certainly the Head Honcho!
I thought it was lovely of Peta to hold out Gethin for me at Ryan's viewing, I just want to explain why I didn't take him from her. I've got a bad case of tennis elbow, coupled with arthritis in both hands (beware, scourge of all long serving library assistants!) and I just couldn't take the risk in those surroundings, with someone so precious. Ryan says I have become "endearingly clumsy" - loyal son-speak for getting doddery! I would have loved to cuddle Gethin in homely surroundings, hopefully I might one day get the chance.
I'm a loyal follower of the adventures of Gethin and Co, his list of unusually titled rellies is amazing. As the mother of his Tad Bedydd (Ryan) can I apply for the position of honorary Nain, if by chance he hasn't got one already?
Take care, and keep the photos coming, it's great to see Gethin blossoming,