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11:56pm Tuesday, 13th June 2006

cole here. it’s late, am tired and just got back from a fab four days in the lovely lake district with peta, gethin, my parents, sister, her husband and bairn and grandpops. sad to come back (work beckons) but left peta and gethin to sun themselves and enjoy the fresh air and company of others, whilst i prepare to spend the first night in almost two months sans son.

we drove down to cockermouth on saturday, arriving in good time with the roads largely empty, probably on account of the england-paraguay match. a lazy saturday and sunday were had by all, briefly popping out for supplies on sunday morning and basking in the hot summer sun whilst partaking in all manner of antics, not least some rather fun giant bubble blowing and a spot of painting, something which i haven’t done in a very long time. the place we are staying in is lovely. peta, gethin and i managed to land the master bedroom with fantastic views across the rolling pastural landscape to the mountainscapes of the lakes beyond. nature was all around, from the wilds of the landscape at the edge of the garden to the friendly red squirrel and woodpecker which were gracing the bird (and squirrel) feeders.

after a super-relaxing day or two at home on monday a venture was required so we headed off to buttermere in the rain. despite the grey the scenery was dramatic and after an hour or so of cross-country walking with buggys and bairns, the clouds parted for another scorching day.

a rather yummy cream tea was had in the shade of the local pub and we headed back for roast dinner at home. gethin was put down for the night and all concerned were set for an evening of cards and leisurely pursuits when the tranquility of the country was disturbed by the squark of a lesser-spotted pa-pa who had unfortunately took a nasty slip whilst popping out to top up the bird table and landed awkwardly on his wrist. he was in poor shape so mum rushed him to hospital, returning in the wee hours complete with plaster-cast and sling.

tuesday was my last day in the lakes so we popped into cockermouth for a greasy fry-up, before heading out to keswick for a spot of the most splendiferous afternoon/cream tea. dad made a return trip to hospital where it transpired he had broken his wrist in two places, and on top of this was having a nasty reaction to the codeine he was on leading to muchos nausea, poor sod!

sadly, the day passed far too quickly and before i knew it i was packing up the car and set off back to linlithgow. thanks to the family for such a lovely few days. left the camera with peta so no photos at present but will hope to post plenty when her and gethin return on saturday xxx