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08:29pm Wednesday, 21st June 2006

Hi all – sorry for extended absence but I have been playing with my boy! it’s so hard to find 15 minutes to sit down and write something on the blog. but here goes….

Well young gethin certainly seems to be growing up fast. I’ve noticed quite a few changes in him over the last week or so – he no longer seems like a little, wobbly new baby. (I know he’s always been big before everyone starts to scoff at my description of him) – he has grown a lot recently; he doesn’t like being held like a newbie – he likes to be sitting up and looking around; he is quite demanding of attention; and he gets grumpy if he isn’t properly entertained with something befitting of an 11 week old! none of this “goobly goobly” nonsense! all in all I think I have a little cheeky chops on my hands. We were in edinburgh yesterday and i was looking at some lovely baby (sorry – young man’s) clothes, so geth was obviously missing out on my attention. he started to bang his hands about, make raspberries at me and grin with his little wrinkled nose – i thought that might be coincidence, but every time my attention wondered from him, he did it again. Cheeky monkey! I do think he’ll be like his uncle marty – a little tearaway! and would i want it any other way? you bet i wouldn’t! I’ve always said to cole that when we have children i would want a little cheeky monster!

Gethin’s lovely vocabulary is also coming along nicely – he has lots of new words including “moo” “bye” “wow” “dad” and, most cleverly, he even remembered the name of our old housemate and his godmother “amelia”! meli you are most honoured. yes, my son is a genius. obviously he MEANT to say all those things. ha ha ha! we can also add high pitched squealing and raspberry blowing to our repertoire, as well as trying to lift his head and shoulders into a sitting position and turning over. Phew – has someone been putting miracle-gro in his bottles? or is it just the gin…..?

well I think i’ve sung the praises of my boy enough. so just enough space to say another huge thankyou to the withers, an anderson and most of all to the grandparent henleys for a wonderful week away in the lakes. it really was magic to spend the week together and to get to know geth’s wee cousin a little better. ciao for now.