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09:03pm Tuesday, 27th June 2006

evenin’ all! well another fine week has started, with a fabulous end to last week with saturday and sunday spent in helensburgh with peta’s family.

I took gethin to the weigh in on thursday – he has put on a whopping 2 pounds in a month – double the average according to the health visitors. i could tell something was up the minute they checked his weight against last month and started sniggering! how dare they scoff at my son’s weight – 14lbs 8oz! hee hee! so he’s well on his weigh (!) to being a 15stone giant. we were also very lucky to bump into Linzi and neil with their gorgeous new son, adam william george matheson! congrats guys – he’s a beauty!

the weekend with moomin, gramps and uncle marty was fun – just the right balance of lounging and doing, just doing. on saturday the fully-laden-albeit-only-spending-one-night-away henley mobile crawled into helensburgh via the “scenic” route, i.e. we got lost…. however once arrived we unpacked and went for a walk to the shops and back. Gramps was in glasgow for the day doing shakespeare-a-thon – watching 3 plays in a row, and didn’t get home til the wee hours. Sunday saw all the family invited on board RFA Argus for lunch which was splendid. we scoffed for britain. Martin, cole and i had a guided tour around the ship and were highly impressed (into silence at times) with the facilities on board and we didn’t notice we’d been gone from the baby for nearly 2 hours. Luckily moomin and gramps had him – phew! and he had a nice kip with gramps for a wee while too! the weekend finished all too soon and the fully laden henley mobile slowly made its way back to l’gow. but that night a miracle happened – gethin slept until 6.30 in the morning, fed and then went back to sleep until (wait for it) half bleedin’ nine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fan dabby dosy lie in for mummy, poor daddy scuffed off to work, hee hee. gethin is doing much better on the sleep front now and usually doesn’t wake up until 5.30ish. bliss.

well gethin has been back and forth to the health centre these past two days for his jabs and his 6 week health check. SIX WEEKS????? i hear you cry – they forgot about him. boo hoo. but he had his jabs with relatively little complaint, which was good cos we were invited round to jaki’s for a coffee straight after. it was good to catch up with the other mums – and thanks to jaki for a lovely afternoon! today at his check everything went swimmingly, with gethin given a clean bill of health physically. But I nearly left without my baby as the two health visitors seemed totally intent on stealing him – he charmed the pants off them! they said they were going to be disappointed for the rest of the afternoon as no other baby would be quite as lovely and smiley as gethin! we couldn’t ask for a nicer compliment methinks! he does me proud every time we go out – what a handsome little star.

well uncle marty and gramps are visiting us tomorrow – beware of gin shortages in linlithgow. looking forward to it!

oh yeah – gethin and i have done a sneaky job at bypassing the long list of baby massage hopefuls! we were at jaki’s when she was phoned to be told the class starts this friday and as i was there i was invited to go too! hurruh! i don’t know if geth will like it – any more laid back and he might become comatose. but we shall try it.

ciao for now.


Leiske said on Wednesday, 28th June 2006

Do you think Gethin will always be 3lbs ahead of Samuel? His 9lb 11oz birth weight was exactly 3lb more than Sams 6lb 11oz's, and his latest weigh in of 14lb 8oz's is only just over Sams latest weigh-in of 11lb 2ozs. Sam is apparently longer than average too & has already outgrown Gethins old clothes, being on the 75th centile, so maybe Gethin wont completely over shadow him in years to come! Sam has also been in training to defend himself next time Gethin tries to bop him on the head!!!!!!