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08:23pm Monday, 3rd July 2006

heat wave you say? a reminder that the three henley’s are living on the same latitude as moscow and southern alaska! i think there was a particularly hot day about five weeks ago in which gethin sported a rather fetching hat but otherwise it has not been the hottest of summers!

a fine weekend was had by all three of us. cole went off into edinburgh on saturday for a thankfully-not-so-debauched stag day but drank perhaps more than he sensibly should have. peta and gethin mooched and mulled, and went on a secret errand into linlithgow (don’t ask what for – it’s a secret apparently). after getting back at a sensible hour, all had an early bedtime although gethin decided against sleeping through the night, waking at 1, 3, 5 and 7. oh, the humanity!

in payment for a boozy afternoon in the city, cole looked after gethin for sunday morning whilst peta caught up on some well-earned snooze. he walked bairn into town to buy some of the finest breakfasting meat products known to humanity – but as it is linlithgow, settled on a value pack of random animal bits. cole and geth strolled back home whilst it was still sunny un-rainy and together set about making the biggest, bestest breakfast-in-bed a mother could ask for.

an hour or so – and many dirty dishes – later, we had managed to muster up myocardial-infarction-on-a-plate: two slices of (wholemeal) toast, three sausages, two lorne sausages, two black puddings, two fruit puddings, two fried eggs and half a tin of (heinz) baked beans. unfortunately, peta was not feeling too well (and that was before seeing her breakfast), so only managed to polish off half the feast.

after the mighty breakfast-a-geddon, we all marvelled at the magnificent storm that was brewing outside and gethin’s first thunderstorm – ker-pow!

it transpired that cole was a bit more hungover than he had thought and bairn entertaining proved quite a struggle. still, cole managed to massage, bathe, dress and change gethin, although had completely forgotten to feed the wee might. whoops!

the remainder of the day/weekend was spent in the land of uber-chill, the three of us watched antiques roadshow, had numerous conversations (mostly about interesting things such as wibbling and oowaawerrwoo, and the mysterious land of ‘boo boo boo’), and gethin read some of his many books. doesn’t get much better than that!


seelee said on Tuesday, 4th July 2006

muchos hilarity henleys three!

rock steady amigos!
x x x x x x