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10:35pm Wednesday, 5th July 2006

have figured out the reason for the limited vocabulary of the wee bairn. having awoken on tuesday to give gethin his 5am feed, by the time i got to work (not able to go back to sleep) i could barely muster a single constenant, awooowyaauiiiieee…don’t know how peta does it!

gethin has decided to have a few choice, ‘wee’ moments the last few days. last night he was in fine fettle when cole got home from work. he had a change and a feed and seemingly quite enjoyed his baby massage from daddy but then at half seven, inconsoleable meltdown. dummy? too hot? too cold? hungry? nappy? it was all a bit like those first few weeks when the learning curve was like climbing a buttery crag with cold fingers and a touch of the cramp. after an hour of crying, every trick in the book, a wee drive round the block and plenty of shushing gethin finally got to sleep. now, i am a firm believer that sleep begets sleep: the more you sleep the more tired you get. it would seem it goes the other way too. gethin had seemingly worked himself into a tizz because he was so tired, not having slept in the afternoon. poor fella. on top of this, mum has been suffering from a stinking cold in the middle of summer and feeling like poo.

well, today all seemed better. gethin was a lot perkier when cole got home from work having enjoyed a sunny drive back listening to the pixies (the band, not the little cornish folk in case you were wondering). all going well, lar-de-dar, a wee power cut but nothing to fret about. everything going well….eight o’clock. gethin is fine. time for bed. swaddle, kisses, hunky-dorey. then, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… not as long as last night and not needing to resort to a trip in the car but still quite disorientating. still, he is now sound asleep. oh, the strange workings of the infant being. answers on a postcard please…


Leiske said on Thursday, 6th July 2006

Fret ye not, Samuel has been the same!!!! I reckon it's a combination of things. I reckon he's hot and bothered which we've solved by putting a small travel mini-fan on the arch over his bouncer! Once he gets over the shock of the initial blast of air he seems quite content!

The other thing is that despite his wee age of 11 weeks old (today), I reckon he's teething already!!!! The symptoms are there; fists in mouth, hard gums, flushed cheeks, grizzly all the time etc, etc. At the moment it's not a constant annoyance to him, just occasional. But when he does go off on one, he really goes off! Have yet to get it confirmed by the Health Visitor who's coming this morning. But upon confirmation, I'll consider administering the 1st dose of Calpol in hope of settling the poor mights discomfort (oh, and giving mummy & daddy a little piece too)!