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11:20pm Saturday, 8th July 2006

what a truly splendid saturday the three henley’s have had. a slow morning was had with much sleeping, munching and googling (not the online variety). gethin had a bath complete with some tesco’s value oats (for his skin) and, after doing very little but enjoy some quality time together, we finally left the house after 2pm (having not left the bedroom until 1) on our mini-adventure to the magical land of shops.

we arrived a tad peckish and set about our pursuit of food. cole had his heart set on a jacket potato with cottage cheese but – would you believe it – spud-u-like were out of spuds. fortunately, harry ramsden were not out of fish so a wee fish supper was enjoyed instead. gethin sat in a high chair for the first time, accompanied by sock monkey, but seemed more intent on out-staring his rattle than joining in the conversation.

after lunch we set off for some bargains at tk maxx, intent on topping up young geth’s wardrobe on account of him having outgrown many of his clothes already. sadly the range of options was largely restricted to pink girly clothes (he’s a bit young for cross-dressing) and a large assortment of baby sleeping bags. however, cole found a suitably nice bairn top which should look marvellous on him and peta went off to peruse the soft toys. gethin seemed to take an immediate fancy to a large green zebra. before we got a chance to check the price he had drooled all over his new best friend so we just had to buy it (fortunately ‘twas only seven pounds!). when it came to buy said zebra, the cashier had to scan the toy whilst still in gethin’s grasp lest he unleash an almighty strop! walking to the other shops gethin and his zebra were the subject of many adoring glances, although poor sock monkey must have felt a bit left out :(

after some quality window-shopping, wallets and purses kept firmly in pockets, and a trip to asda for the weekly shop we had to away back home for gethin’s supper. peta tried out some baby rice as geth seems to have been tiring of bottle milk recently, proving quite the fussy eater. sadly, he seemed equally disinterested in the baby rice stuff too, preferring to tell us at length about the day he’d had. oh well! a quick swaddle and gethin was soon sleeping contently.

cole and peta stayed up to watch the football (fret not world cup widow, but one game to go now!) and eat dinner before some blog updatery and bed. let’s hope tomorrow is a comparably lazy day.

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