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11:00pm Wednesday, 12th July 2006

we were going to do an update for gethin’s wonderous 100th day but several phone calls and a nice slap up meal later it is now quite, quite late and time for bed.

just time then to wish a happy 100th day gethin. thanks uma and oompa for the lovely book – a hard copy of the first 100 days from this here blog which oompa scribed mono-handed on his computer whilst pretending to do some work – and thanks also to the withers for a money pot which should be replete with cash in time for his real birthday!

what a century of days it has been. most have been filled with laughter, some with tears (most, quite literally, over spilt milk) and some accompanied by the most heinous smells known to humanity. it has been a great ride so far and we have not fared too badly considering we didn’t even have a map but i have had an awesome co-pilot and, as the old adage says, it is not the destination which is important but the journey getting there…


Leiske said on Thursday, 13th July 2006

Gethin may well be 100 days old today, but ity feels like we've experienced your journey & highs & lows due to your wonderful blog-oh, and the adventures of the pink cushion that has featured in your journey since day 1 and Gethins first appearance on the blog! Perhaps it is high time the cushion got his/her own blog of tales to tell, other I got dribbled on by Gethin!