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08:10pm Friday, 14th July 2006

monsieur kaka here reporting on a double act of olfactory terrorism. after a busy day at the office cole was not only faced with cleaning out the litter tray of the dread-bottomed cat belle but a monstrously stinky nappy from henley jr. generous donations of sweet-smelling stuff to the usual address please.

elsewhere in the world of henley’s three a fun week has been had, although having settled into a night-time rhythm of sorts gethin has decided to try out some interesting new sleep patterns. having bragged to all about his sleeping through most of the night and going down to bed with the greateast of ease he has decided to do neither of the above through much of this week. saying that, gethin is soon to be deprived of his role as cole’s alarm clock on account of him sleeping through until eight, nine or even ten on some mornings.

earlier this week peta thought she would try out gethin on the baby rice as he was clearly not getting fully satisfied with his milk. all had been going well although after a day of vomitting on wednesday of all days (numero 100) we have decided to stick to the milk a wee while longer, just in case.

aside from smelly poos, a most variable sleeping pattern and eating aplenty, gethin has been quite the happy fella and is becoming more expressive by the day – culminating in a quality raspberry at mum and dad at bedtime last night.

son, your rasps have done us both proud!


Oompa said on Saturday, 15th July 2006

With the penning of this wondrous blog, may i please request generous images to accompany the writings. If nothing else it will make volume 2 of the blogarama more interesting - and we all would love to see a photo of Gethin blowing a raspberry.