bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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09:58pm Monday, 17th July 2006

phew what a scorcher! can categorically state that gethin has not been sporting his arctic romper suit these past few days on account of scotland being quite warm.

los henlos had a lovely day of saturday with gramps elmore paying a visit. ample food was eaten (cole made his first prawn cocktail) and wine drunk but before long it was sadly time for gramps to head back to helensburgh and leave the henleys to partake of fine upstanding saturday evening activities like sofa-lounging and crosswording. before we knew it the weekend was half full/empty and all three henleys tucked into bed for the night.

on sunday we took advantage of the good weather by doing very little at all. in the morning we popped out to get some plants for peta’s empty planter. much umming and ah-ing ensued but indecisive mummy henley eventually decided on a pair of daisy-like planty-things. daddy henley, however, was much more interested in dionaea muscipula. after much testing, a fine specimen was bought and named friedrich (von trapp – boom boom). friedrich was put on the window sill, poised to rid us of the flies that seem intent on taking over our kitchen, and one day in he has already bagged his first kill. hussah!

anyway, back at the ranch gethin – suitably basted and shaded – took his prime spot in the garden whilst mum and dad did some sun lounging of their own. cole may even have gone a shade pinker than his normal trogladytic, greyish blue hue (though highly unlikely). the evening saw a bonnytoun celebration at the neighbours in honour of the return of matt from pastures american. many ales were quaffed, some lovely mince and tatties devoured and poker played until at least 6pm NY time (23:00 BST). dirty stop outs indeed. shame had to go to work in the morning through :(

tomorrow peta shall update you on maternal life at 3 bonnytoun cottages, or else i shall be having strong words with her!