bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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07:52am Tuesday, 18th July 2006

anyone who knows cole will know that he doesn’t do mornings. so why am i up before seven this morning scribing a blog entry? well, this is what it must be like for most parents of wee bairns. gethin (taking after his father) is mostly the sleepy sort and would normally be asleep around now. in fact, he is asleep now. but he has been up for much of the night with poor peta having to deal with mid-night feeds and various ker-faffling.

the swaddling seems to be working to a point although gethin seemingly has a recurring dream that he is a frog and kicks the swaddle off so that his legs are free to jump and bound across the lily ponds of his imagination. ribbet.

he was up for two feeds last night, the latter administered by dad at six. gethin went back to sleep after some bottle action but cole was less fortunate. oh well, should get to work in good time this morning.

elsewhere, freidrich bagged his second, third and fourth victims in the night. a dipteracidal maniac in the making me thinks!