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10:02pm Wednesday, 19th July 2006

i have returned from a blog entry drought. as cole promised (albeit a little later than we said) i’m writing an entry for your delectation. Well i do believe young master gethin is teething: beaucoup de slobbering, beaucoup de chewing of everything and anything, little rosy cheeks, and the occasional bout of moaning! not to mention the waking up at bizarre times of the night….i’ll be seeing the health visitor on friday for baby massage so i’ll check with her.

we’ve had a lovely week so far – on monday we met up the lovely Linzi and 5 week old adam to go to muiravonside country park. it was a lovely day and linzi caught the sun, although i still resemble a milk bottle. in the afternoon we went to an antenatal class to talk to mums-to-be about our experiences. I hope i didn’t freak them out with my horror stories – but as they pointed out, i’m smiling now despite everything that happened! on tuesday linzi picked us up and took us to an nct parent afternoon, with lots of other mums and little ones. it was really enjoyable and met some new people including tracy with her tiny baby ailsa. we had a lot to talk about and discovered that this world really is a very small place indeed! today geth and i went for a very protracted walk around the loch, with a quick visit to the docs to pick up my prescription. it were lovely – the best bit of the day came when a little boy, around 3 years of age, sidled up to us and said

“i’ve come to see the baby.” “what? this baby?” said i and pulled the hood on the buggy back. the little boy craned his neck to look inside, sniffed and ummed. “what do you think?” i said.

“no” he replied.

“you don’t like him?”

“no” he said and ran away!!!!! how funny! i hope gethin turns out to be just as bizarre as that little boy. I later walked passed him with his mummy (who knowingly grinned at me!) and i heard him say

“I’ve seen the baby in there!” very proudly.

after our long walk (and still the colour of snow) we came home shortly before cole. i must say I’m now only one point behind cole on the crap parent front. I managed to bash gethin’s head on the door yesterday, and cut his thumb this evening whilst trying to cut his nails. god it was horrific – i cut a fair old bit into his thumb, luckily he was easily distracted by rubber faced daddy! poor lamb – i felt terrible and still do. the thought of any harm coming to him is unbearable, totally gut wrenching.

gethin also laughed today – extremely cute! we were going through animal noises this morning and he finds pig snorts hilarious! it’s his new trick, and a great way to distract him if the old lower lip starts to wobble! needless to say all old macdonald seems to have on his farm these days are piggy wiggies!

well tomorrow gethin and i are off to stirling to the market to root out some fresh fruit and veg, as i’ve been told they have a fab market every thursday morning. ruthie and baby wren were going to come, but ruthie needs to prepare her veg for saturday’s big veg sale day. oh well just the two of us then.

gonna go to bed – need an early night. bye for now folks xxx


michelle jones said on Friday, 21st July 2006

Hiya Peta,
Sounds like you're well and happy! I'm starting maternity leave next week and thought that if you're coming into Edinburgh at all we could meet for a coffee and catch up. Give me a call or drop me an email, it would be great to see you and the wee fella,
lots of love
michelle x