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10:20pm Friday, 21st July 2006

had a lovely day, tidied house a wee bit, picked jo up from airport, went to baby massage, came home, went to pub for quickest pint ever, came home changed baby, fed baby, ate some dinner, played with baby —————and baby laughed!!!!!!!!!! yes, he proper proper laughed! I’ve never seen or heard anything more adorable in my entire life! all i did was make a silly noise and jiggle him and he thought it was hilarious! i was so excited that i cried! oh my word, my entire day/week/year was made. can’t wait til the morning to try it again…….my baby laughed, get me a megaphone!


Lynne and David said on Saturday, 22nd July 2006

It would be lovely to record Gethins laughter to a link on thos site for all to hear. Reading bairns blog definately rekindles those memories Ahhhhhhh... sweet.

Oompa said on Friday, 21st July 2006

Don't believe you, photographic evidence please!