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10:13pm Thursday, 27th July 2006

if anyone’s having a bad day go and have a look at this, it will brighten your spirits and lift your heart (did for us)!

sorry, it’s a bit of a whopper (7.6MB) and needs windows media player for all you mac lovers.


Lynne and David said on Friday, 28th July 2006

He certainly made us laugh.... so sweet....Thanks Gethin x

Nain Pat said on Friday, 28th July 2006

You truly are the geth-star!! I wasn't sad or troubled, but you have still made my day, shine on!
Tad Bedydd (Ryan) told me how good you were for him last week, he says you are amazing (but I knew that already). Nain Pat xx

brenda said on Friday, 28th July 2006

thankyou for this gethin, you really brightened up my day.carry on swinging!!