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11:03pm Sunday, 30th July 2006

this could be be the last entry for a wee while. peta’s gran sadly passed away on saturday night so she and gethin are flying down south first thing in the morning – gethin’s first experience of aerial transport (apart from the swing variety) – with cole joining them later in the week.

as i type peta is trying to sort the essentials from the fundamental as she tries to whittle down the bairn-neccesities (see what i did there) from what would normally fill a boot-and-then-some (allbeit that of a fiat panda) to the luggage allowance of an easyjet passenger plus child. fortunately, moomin has scavenged some of the many things needed and has a canny mind to improvise the remainder (on our last visit a vegetable steamer proved a more than adequate bottle steriliser).

the weekend has, as usual, been fleeting. saturday involved a shopping trip to livingston where cole proceeded to abuse his switch card on one-and-a-half suits (one black suit and half a white one – they didn’t have the trousers). we returned to our humble abode for some more bairn swing action, this time in suitably ridiculous attire (photographic evidence imminent).

we put gethin to bed and then peta heard about her gran’s passing. i will leave to her if she want’s to say anything about it.

on sunday cole took charge (as best he could) of the geth-star so that peta could have a quiet morning to catch up on some much needed sleep and to gather her thoughts after yesterday’s sad news. cole and gethin popped out for some suitable ingredients to make peta a bacon butty – just like granny did – and then spent the morning chatting, bouncing, feeding and slobbering (although gethin did marginally more of the latter than cole). when peta arose we went out for a shandy whilst scotland still had some sunshine before back for a slap up feast of roasted vegetables with cole’s new speciality, miniature toad-in-the-holes.

it’s an early start for los henlos with p & g’s flight at 8.45 so had better call it a night and finish the washing up (had to take a break as the kitchen and my trousers are already sodden from my previous efforts). g’night all