bairn blog: a tale of three henleys

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10:59pm Sunday, 13th August 2006

radio silence broken with a busy week for all three henley’s drawing to a close.

on monday night peta and gethin made it back in one piece from their travels south and on tuesday set off into linlithgow to catch up with linzi and adam after a week away.

on thursday gethin got an overdue weigh-in, a respectable 16lb 4oz, and peta and gethin headed into edinburgh for a day in the city. cole went on a magical mystery (top secret) tour which went a bit sour as train nightmare meant he was stranded in edinburgh for the night, missing the last train back to linlithgow. fortunately, ryan came to the rescue with a sofa to crash on and some Strawberry Kiss, a surprisingly tasty pink strawberry-flavoured whiskey.

friday saw the arrival of moomin for the weekend, making it okay despite the current problems with air travel. on saturday we awoke at a leisurely pace before gramps came over from helensburgh and we all set off to rosslyn for the day to sample the delights of the chapel made famous by perhaps the crappest book known to humanity. we sampled some lovely lunch in the local pub (macaroni cheese, mmmmmm) and headed off to the oddity that is rosslyn chapel, a medieval church jam-packed with ornate carvings and intriguing symbols, as well as the odd masonic allegory. we had a wee tour of the lovely chapel. some of the carvings are quite beautiful, although the chapel was very busy (largely on account of said novel) and for conservation reasons the roof has bizarrely been covered with a freestanding canopy, somewhat detracting from the ambience but providing a view of the chapel and its surrounding landscape that you would otherwise not have.

after our rosslyn adventure we set off for ikea and some inspiration in the bairn department. with peta returning to work in several weeks time we are beginning to think about moving gethin into our spare room. this will, of course, be suitably decorated for the wee fella so we were seeking ideas for funky bairn decor. suggestions on a post-card.

we headed home for a banquet of disabling proportions (bangers and mash followed by a super-carcinogenic brioche and apple pudding) and slinked of to bed, barely capable of moving on account of some substantially expanded waistlines.

our waistlines have since been tamed somewhat by a super walk on sunday as henley’s 3 and moomin headed into edinburgh for a cheese hunt and trip to the botanic gardens. after lunching in the shade of some trees we strolled into edinburgh centre in the pursuit of some smelly raclette and norwegian goats cheese (?!?). both were found, peta tried on some fabulous hats for her cousin’s wedding next month and we settled down for some coffee and a bairn feed before heading back through the botanic gardens, stumbling upon a most narcissistic squirrel which cole felt obliged to take a few snaps of.

a thoroughly enjoyable weekend which has passed all too fleetingly. gethin is faring very well indeed and is most insistent on putting anything within grasp in his mouth. moomin is here for another day so who knows what peta, gethin and she will get up to tomorrow whilst cole is at work…