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10:58pm Friday, 18th August 2006

poor, poor gethin. the wee fella would definitely seem to be teething with much droolage and fully intent on cramming anything not nailed down into his mouth. his cheeks are the size of basketballs and are the colour to match. quite out of character he hasn’t been eating much and the last few nights he has been sleeping very little, ergo mum and dad (particularly mum) have been sleeping very little. shall don my exploring hat maniana, pop into linlithgow and hunt down some teething products and see if they help.

i think today was my first proper ‘i haven’t had any sleep and can’t face work’ day which ain’t half bad at all for a dad of five months. it’s a shame then that had to give an hour long video-conference presentation first thing, no doubt uttering gibberish for most of it (will blame it on the phone line). all i can say is thank heavens then for flexi-time and the ability to knock off at a quite respectable 4pm. hussah!

since last we posted we have had some lovely guests at the henley household. gethins great aunt lynne and her fella david ‘popped’ up to scotland for an impromptu holiday and stayed for a few nights on the way back down from camping in the highlands. on wednesday we feasted on curry (a curry so monumentous in proportions and flavour that it managed to feed four of us two nights running) and on thursday all (except dad who had to work, sniff) headed into edinburgh to sample generic fringe antics and ambience. a truly fun time was had and we have the photos to prove it!