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12:41pm Monday, 21st August 2006

gethin is still sleeping poorly and is not eating as much as normal, which is causing some distress for mum. he is more like himself than he has been but is obviously still struggling in the battle of the dentures. on saturday we embarked into lithgay to try and hunt down some suitable teething powders which we did find, although not the same ones that had been recommended to us. too soon to tell if they work but will keep y’all posted as we administer gethin with his ‘wraps’ of mysterious white powder (not too dubious then!)

also on saturday the henley’s 3 ventured to the widely (locally) promoted fete at st. michaels day care centre, just outside of town, and were not disappointed! after a week of rain the clouds had parted to reveal the fete in all its splendour. there was a semi-functional chocolate fondue fountain, although we didn’t partake, and a couple of stalls where you could win a bottle of warm pop or some booze. indoors were some table selling a wide array of bric-a-brac including the not-to-be-missed purveyors of home- made flannels. my favourite was the flannel featuring an illustration of a tractor – a must have for all hygiene-conscious farmers! on our way back to the car from our fun-filled five or so minutes at the fete, we stumbled upon perhaps the oddest tree known to humanity – words cannot describe so will try to post a pic soon but suffice to say it is a quite tall tree although somewhat lacking in the foliage department. anyway, have already noted in diary to leave free the equivalent weekend next years fete for an unmissable family day out!

on sunday gramps ‘popped’ over from helensburgh for the evening and cole spent what seemed like all day in the kitchen preparing a feast of roast pork followed by home-made rhubarb crumble. sadly, the yorkshire pusdding wilted somewhat but the remainder was a pallatable success and, capped off with a nice bottle of wine, all could barely move from the sofa afterwards. hussah!


Elspeth said on Saturday, 26th August 2006

yes, was just going to say, Bickiepegs. Good stuff. Wee lilac box, from nice chemists.
Or calpol. I know, nobody likes to give medicine to a wee one and I shy away from it all the time, but that's what medicines are for and there's no point in anyone, big or small, suffering unnecessarily!!
Elspeth-n-Scott (2-and-a-half tomorrow and with lots of teeth, all of them painful in the arrival!) xx

Amy said on Tuesday, 22nd August 2006

Hi Guys
I am really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I can't believe how big Gethin is alrady. Cole, you will have to tell me about your yorkshire pudding method. I might not be able to help you but I know a yorkshire granny who can.

Leiske said on Monday, 21st August 2006

Hi Bro,

Attended a very formative weaning session today where all attending mothers with bairns discussed the wonders of Bickiepegs (a VERY hard buscuit on a string that resembles a peg!). Apparently teething babies LOVE them for soothing their sore gums. I've found a link to a website that sells them for you, but I believe you can buy them most large baby outlets like Boots & Mothercare. Anyway, try;
Good luck!