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11:31pm Friday, 8th September 2006

what ho everybody. it has indeed been sometime since the last post. not from lack of desire but after a hectic weekend last in southern climes for all three henleys cole buggered off to the wireless-less west of wales with the laptop so neither henleys could post an update (and gethin just hasn’t quite got the manual dexterity yet).

last friday we set off in the yellow bairn-mobile for royal leamington spa. we stayed the eve with sister, will and samuel before a saturday drive to and cross londinium for peta’s cousin’s wedding. the journey to london was fine but driving across the big smoke proved quite annoying, although we had an amusing interlude when we cut up a car only to find out later that not only were the occupants of said vehicle attending the same wedding but also sharing a table with us at the wedding breakfast. what a small world the cut-throat world of cross-city driving is!

anyhoo, the wedding was a splendid affair and after a lovely ceremony in east dulwich all popped down the road to the horniman (horney man?) museum for some smashing grub and entertaining speeches in the delightful surrounds of a grade II listed 19th century conservatory. marvellous. sadly we had to make an early exit to get gethin – sporting a marvellous new pixie hat (hand-crafted by cole and peta) – to his bed so we set off for more cross-london shenanigans on our way to epsom to stay with peta’s aunt, thankfully ably guided by moomin (in turn ably guided by sat-nav).

on sunday we arose at a leisurely pace to a monsterous fry-up care of gethin’s great-uncle jerry. yummy. all replete, we set off back for leamington spa and before long henley’s 3 met up with withers 3 in town for some scran before an evening meal at ooma and oompas (definitely a weekend revolving around food). sadly, henley’s 3 then had to go their separate ways – peta and gethin back up to scotland and cole off west for a three day meet with his welsh colleagues in aberystwyth.

it was lovely to be back in wales hearing the accents and language, although cole’s command of the language is poor at best (restricted to bore da (good morning), prynhawn da (good afternoon), nos da (good evening) and diolch (thank you)). on monday, after the long train ride, cole met up with the people at rcahmw, who he has been developing a website for over the past six months, before heading to his hotel to book in and put some tired feet up. the hotel was quite bizarre – definitely a place that had seen better days, clinging to a bye-gone era when sea-side holidaying was all the rage. economising to the max cole had booked a single room which was located in the first floor of a newly built extension, with patio doors overlooking an unfinished roof and the occasional power cut.

the next few days were spent conflabbing over web-site visuals, leading to a late night working session on wednesday night (though only after a late night drinking session on the tuesday), before a long train journey on thursday back to linlithgow – an eventful journey (aren’t they always) with a security scare at birmingham new st knocking most trains out of kilter. ho hum, another late train ride home.

sorry, not much about bairn but have been apart for the best part of a week, although peta is delighted to report that gethin has started to eat his feet and is slowly mastering the art of crawling though, apparently just like his uncle marty did, has started by going backwards. he has also taken well to pouring water down himself in a concerted bid to drink from his cup thingy unassisted.

so concludes another week. we are all offski to the lakes tomorrow for round two of holiday with the henley’s after june’s exploits. lets just hope oompa henley can steer clear of hazardous bird tables and the like!