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08:03pm Wednesday, 15th March 2006

well, cole’s job interview went well. should hear tomorrow. a bit scary that he could have a completely new career in 24 hours!

also scary that within a week or so we could also have a completely new family member. peta has been quite busy at home cooking and freezing food for when she gets back, preparing the labour/maternity bag for l’hôpital, making up some ceedees to listen to amidst the chaos of birth and washing all the baby clothes in non-bio to make sure they are kiddy-skin friendly.

nappies should be arriving tomorrow although think we’ll be using disposables in the short-term whilst we get used to bairn and it’s nuances.

cole has been having wee panics about his frivolous spending. decided against two mcdonalds milkshakes last night upon realising that they equate to a whopping thirty-five disposable nappies – that’s a lot of poop!