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08:45pm Monday, 25th September 2006

wHoops. forgot how tough it is to slot some time in to the ol’ bairn blog scribing after a couple of weeks away. Since our return from the lakes the henleys 3 enjoyed a lazy Monday, Cole having the day off work, before a week of sleepless nights for ma, pa and geth and a hectic week at work for dr Henley.

This week we have mostly been introducing gethin to the marvellous world of new, non-bland foodstuffs. He has so far this week supped on apple, banana, peas with potatoes (very green after peta mistook the 1oz of peas specified in the recipe for 10oz) and tomatoes – the latter definitely his favourite. Today he sampled the exotic fruitstuff papaya which thankfully for our wallets he wasn’t especially taken with!

On Monday cole and peta test-drove their, or rather gethin’s, prospective child minder Elaine who is lined up to look after gethin when peta goes back to work next month. We popped over to linzi, neil and adam’s for some coffee and biscuits and left gethin with Elaine for a couple of hours to see how he got on. All was well so when Peta goes back to work part-time we have someone to look after him which is very cool, although we are without someone for the first couple of weeks peta will be back at work so cole might have to take some holiday from work to be a house husband for a couple of weeks – eep!

On thursday peta met up with her fellow mums in Linlithgow after a couple of weeks absence and on Friday p & g popped into e’berg to meet cole and then all popped over to ryan and shelley’s to marvel at their new abode and their beautiful big green thing, sup on some fine home-made fishcakes and play some scrabble – peta a true scrabble hustler triumphing after claiming that she didn’t even like the game.

On Saturday there was some lazy lounging for all three henleys throughout the day with a brief sojourn for a late afternoon supermarket sweep. The exerts of Saturday were so great that even gethin managed an uber-sleep in the evening and after a fair few weeks of troubled slumber the geth star slept through from 8 to 6. Peta was so elated at this extended doze that she completely forgot to wake cole who enjoyed a lie-in of epic proportions, only stirring at half ten in the morning! all this lazing was in preparation for the exertions of Sunday where los henlos went swimming at the local pool. The afternoon swim was marvellous fun for all three and just the tonic from the rainy Sunday that had enveloped west Lothian. Gethin seemed to enjoy the bubbles and balls in the bairn pool, although the aquatic opportunities for the parents were quite limited with the deep end being some 30 cm! barely enough depth to get your ankles wet.

post swim we embarked on a marathon window shop in Livingston with nothing to show for our efforts save a tummy filled with baked potato and a couple of cans of deodorant. Still, gethin discovered the limitless amusement potential of the car seatbelt. Apparently they really are quite funny!