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11:26pm Wednesday, 27th September 2006

poor peta – the strains of carrying about a twenty pound bairn have brought on a bout of tendinitus in her wrist and thumb :(

prior to awaking in some pain this morning peta had been having a marvellous week with geth. on tuesday p and g came into edinburgh with cole and went to a morning showing at the flicks for mums and bairns – peta’s first trip to the cinema since gethin was born and his first trip ever! the film was fine fare apparently and the front of the cinema fully laden with bairns on blankets enjoying the sensory treat (popcorn optional).

apart from web wizardry at work cole has been quite the chef at home this week. on sunday he mustered up his speciality for sunday lunch – tadpoles in the hole (12 half sausages cooked in batter in a muffin cake tin) – followed by home-made apple pie (yummy). peta cooked a marvellous prawn curry on monday evening, and cole served up ouef florentine on tuesday (poached eggs on a bed of spinach grilled with cheese and nutmeg) before bangers with a balsamic vinegar and red onion gravy, broad beans and mashed sweet potato and potato this evening. on friday shall be mustering up a feast of borsch in true rustic peasant stylee! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, food is good!