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11:54am Monday, 23rd October 2006

after last week’s extreme adventuring a much more subdued time for henley’s three.

we all benefitted from the gethin-minding prowess (and washing up skills) of moomin for three days whilst peta was at work and had a relaxing week before friday’s night debauchery at kenny and jan’s cocktail housewarmer in airdrie.

peta has always believed as a parent that lost sleep can never be regained. cole is not as wise and whilst peta hit bed at a sensible hour after a handful of cocktails, cole soldiered on for the cause until the wee hours (although 4 hours of which were spent trying to quaff a bunny hug – a beverage comprising one third gin, one third whiskey and one third pernod, and which the Savoy Cocktail Book states “should immediately be poured down the sink before it is too late”). a lovely night was had, despite the bunny hug, although it pains me to say that peta was right – cole spending most of the weekend in a zombie-like state yearning for the sleep which had come so easily in the days pre-geth.

saturday was therefore a lazy day, although poor gethin was by this point quite taken with a cold so not eating anywhere near his usual amount of foodstuffs and generally unhappy with the vase amounts of snot that were attempting to escape his nostrils.

on sunday we all went to brightons to attend the christening of gethin’s friend adam. it was a wee rush to get out the house and there in time but made it we did and gethin soldiered on remarkably through the service before deciding that he too might one day decide to be a minister of some description (a family calling on peta’s side), uttering and gesticulating loudly through all the quiet bits and ably joining in during the singing bits. about half-way through the service, sadly unable to decipher his words of wisdom, we decided it might be best for the congregation to focus on the minister proper rather than the ramblings of the right reverend bairn so cole took him to the creche out back.

after hanging out with the other kids, we all headed to the bonsyde, complete with new lick of paint, for adam’s christening soiree where cole got even more soporific after a tennants shandy. we met some lovely people and gorged on some nice grub but soon had to head for a much needed family siesta.

thus was our lazy weekend. monday sees gethin’s first day with the child-minder so we awoke all panicky about getting everything ready and in a bag for his grand day out. to think what he must be up to now and how much he must be missing his parents. yeah right. a handful of noise-making toys make a suitable substitute for any mother or father and he’ll probably forget about us altogether whilst we chew our nails down to the bone all day long!


brenda said on Friday, 27th October 2006

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to peta
happy birthday to you.!!
have a great time xx