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12:02am Sunday, 29th October 2006

another busy week at henley towers. wednesday was peta’s birthday and saw friend kate come up for a few days to say hello and hang out with p + g. gramps also ‘popped’ over for birthday meal of monster curry carry-out. suffice to say after a daal and prawn curry cole was suffering some on thursday.

well, it is truly winter time. the clocks are changing to officially signal the dearth of summer, the mornings are getting darker and the air colder and wetter. we have masking taped up most of the windows in the pad to keep most of the elements out and the wood burner has been fired up for the first time in a wee while. brrrrr.

clocks going back is quite scary. the feelings of elation that once arose with the thought of an extra hour in bed have been replaced by the knowledge that our boy won’t have a clue about the end of british summer time.

the wee fella has sadly been out of sorts this week, stricken with a nasty dose of man-flu (aka the common cold) meaning much coughing and loss of apetite. a particularly epic episode of coughing culminated in dad getting covered in vomit, literally from head to toe. who’d have thought a bairn belly could contain so much milk. it was quite scary and his peakiness these past couple of days has reminded me of what a friend told me when we found out peta was pregnant: “welcome to a life of worry”. how true this phrase is. since gethin popped out i don’t think a single day has passed (yep, all 208 of them) where i haven’t worried about him not breathing or peta not worried about his feeding, or something that is so trivial.

anyway, sure he will recover from his man-flu shortly – just in time for this third set of jabs on monday! sorry for lack of snaps of late but will try to get some up soon