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11:52pm Thursday, 3rd August 2006

This here blog celebrates the life and times of the Henley family featuring (in order of appearance) Cole, Peta, Gethin and Felix.


Auntie Claire said on Saturday, 14th February 2009

Hope all is well with you. We are in Portugal at present so waiting with bated breathe for news of your imminant arrival. Please let us know on this email!! ~Praying so LOL~Claire and Bill xxxxx

Auntie Claire said on Saturday, 14th February 2009

Hope all is well with you. We are in Portugal at present so waiting with bated breathe for news of your imminant arrival. Please let us know on this email!! ~Praying so LOL~Claire and Bill xxxxx

Lou said on Tuesday, 12th August 2008

Yay! Congratulations Henleys three, soon to be four. That's fab news indeed. When's the wee one due? Is G looking forward to being a big brother?! :D

lynne & david said on Monday, 14th July 2008

Hi all, we cannot see what this is, please can you fix it? Hope little Gethin enjoyed his stay in England and I bet you missed him! Lynne & David x

mummy said on Monday, 7th July 2008

HERE HERE! couldn't have put it better myself, my lovely boo! Well said. but what shall we do with our time and measly budget of 2p?

Grandpapa said on Friday, 30th May 2008

Only 3 weeks to go before we make our Jockland Visit - und zen not so long before you wisit us in zer Vaterland soh!

susan said on Thursday, 1st May 2008

that video was hysterical! and now i am much amused to find that my comment must be over 100 characters in length... have i made it there yet?

Meli said on Friday, 21st March 2008

Hello lovely Henley's - happy easter! Glad we didn't try to go camping this weekend, what with all the snow and gales! Possibly not the best conditions for wee G's first camping excursion! Have a lovely weekend. Lots of love from us down here xxxxxxxxxxx

Meli said on Tuesday, 12th February 2008

YEAH!! Glad to see that the young chap is mastering the great art of digging in the mud! Its a fine skill to have. Perhaps a book on the perennial herbs of britain, complete with latin names, will be in order for the birthday, just to continue his education.

Uncle Marty (Mouse Mutilator) said on Wednesday, 26th September 2007

Robert Dyas (Britain's favourite/only? hardwore store) sells various mouse traps, some that kill the little buggers dead (ha!), as well as, er, some boring ones that don't. Rodent armeggedon can even be accomplished without having to leave the comfort of your newly purchased vermin sanctuary as Robert Dyas will kindly deliver straight to your doorstep. The order line is 0845 450 3004 and apparently it's open 24/7.

I am not a spammer from Robert Dyas.

sarah said on Thursday, 31st May 2007

hello 3 henleys!
was good to see you all last night! hope you had fun too. hopefully andrew and i will swing past linlithgow soon on penny farthings and say hello!
sarah x

Meli said on Friday, 11th May 2007

Bring the wee y'un to the motherland (hmmmm), go on, go on!! And come soon, dammit! Love from Auntie Meli, Unkle Steve and Harvey (the Welsh contingent!) xxxxxxxxxxxx

Samuel said on Wednesday, 4th April 2007

Sorry for being slack cous, but many Happy Belated Birthday Greetings for your 1st milestone! I just hope one day I'll grow to be as big as you!!!!

PS. Tell Uncle Cole to stop being so slushy-he made my mummy cry reading the blog entry! Cant wait to see you next week & have a race or 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love us Withers 3. X

Uncle Marty said on Tuesday, 3rd April 2007

Happy Birthday, Gethin! xxxx

Amy and Matt said on Wednesday, 21st February 2007

It seems such a long time since you had any new comments, we thought we would break the silence. We love the new site. It is lovely to see Gethin developing into a charming little boy. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you soon. Love Amy and Matt.

Meli said on Thursday, 21st December 2006

Horray!! Gethin is evidently mastering the fine art of Henley lethargy! Go Gethin, sleep all day!! Lots of love from auntie Meli and Uncle Steve, oh and wee fluffy cousin Harvey xxxxxx

mummy said on Monday, 20th November 2006

Well - now I know what daddy was up to yesterday when he should have been working!!!! The Gethstar rocks, love mummy

Oompa said on Wednesday, 25th October 2006

Oompa and Ooma want to wish Ma a very happy birthday for today. Humungous apologies for not sending you something in time, but circumstances were out of our control this week. We'll get something special off to you soon.
Much love to the best mum in the world.
Oompa and Ooma

Oompa said on Monday, 16th October 2006

Just wanted to knock Ruth off the top - keep the blogs comin', love the latest snaps. Love from the Lemmings.

ruth said on Friday, 18th August 2006

I can't believe I've somehow missed the simultaneous birth of two new henley - breed babies!!
CONGRATULATIONS I can't wait to meet them both!
ps, art says hello

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Leiske said on Wednesday, 12th July 2006

Happy 100th day Gethin!!!!!!

I hope you like your present-when it finally arrives?!

Lots of love,
Aunty Leiske, Uncle Will & cousin Samuel. X

Oompa said on Wednesday, 12th July 2006

Congratulations Gethin on your 100th (day).
Heres looking forward to the next 265 before next big celebration, or 6470 days before coming of age.
Lots of love to all.
Uma and Oompa.

Mary K (was Stroud at school) said on Monday, 3rd July 2006

Hi Peta and Cole,
Congratulations on Gethin, he's gorgeous, and for this great blog! I started reading it while I was waiting for our baby Eleni to arrive (she was a week late in the end), and am still reading to see how you're doing! It's lovely to see how happy you are, and hope we can do as well as you - Eleni's 3 weeks old now and is wonderful (I might be biased though).
Love to you all xx

Oompa said on Monday, 3rd July 2006

In the middle of a heat wave and you dress Gethin in Arctic clothing poor chap. Keep the blog going as your worldwide audience awaits each new entry with anticipation.

natasha said on Thursday, 8th June 2006

hello Peta,
it's natasha, your old colleague from Muirhouse. (the one who went to France).
Just to say Gethin is really lovely and I hope to see u soon sometime.

jimi said on Monday, 8th May 2006

Hi! Peta n Cole
Congratulations on the arrival of gethin. Really happy for you. He is just so cute!!! Hope to see u soon.

laura hough said on Thursday, 27th April 2006

Congatulations! It's amazing how adictive reading about a baby's poo can be! I've recommended it to my sister Rebecca, who is expecting a baby of her own, but far away in Japan, so I've told her to read this blog for its honesty about becoming parents.

Shelley said on Monday, 24th April 2006

Thank you Gethin for sponsoring me for the race for life - being dropped on your head clearly hasn't affected your ability to use a computer at such a young age! XXX

John McRoberts said on Thursday, 20th April 2006

Congratulations on the new bairn! Just found out the news and Virginie and I are truly happy for you both, A baby cannot be happier with you two as parents. Always knew you two would be happy together, ever since the days auld cardiff, good luck and if you are nr to Leam then give us a bell. Would love to see you both again.
John & Virginie

Mel said on Saturday, 8th April 2006

Fabulous news! What a mighty baby Gethin is! He looks lovely though and I'm really delighted for you both. Looking forward to meeting the little chap. Lots of love, Mel.

Elspeth & Scott said on Friday, 7th April 2006

fret not about dummies, they rock! Gethin will not spend his first three years with plastic in his mouth unless you want him to! Well done guys - joyous news - not a dancer but a drummer!!

ERIN LIVINGSTONE said on Friday, 7th April 2006

Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby boy!!


Erin and Iona

kate m said on Friday, 7th April 2006

Congratulations, all of you! Have just caught up with all the excitement, Gethin is lovely, so happy for all of you, take care xxx

Allan & Sabina said on Thursday, 6th April 2006

Congrats on the new arrival! Well done the both of you! We have all been cooing over young Gethin at work. Best wishes from all your old mates at HS.

Stef said on Thursday, 6th April 2006

Woohoo!!! im not the youngest in our family anymore, oh how ive waited... congrats on the bubbie, im soooo happy for you both. will visit soon. much love. x x x

Naomi Birdmuck said on Wednesday, 5th April 2006

YEAH! Well done, he's so cute.
Hope parenthood is peachy!

Alice Birdmuck said on Wednesday, 5th April 2006

Many Congrats. What a champion pusher!! He's gorgeous.

amy said on Wednesday, 5th April 2006

Hi Folks, congratulations, I am so pleased for you all. Gethin is gorgeous, like his mum. I can't wait to see you all soon. Just about to catch a plane to sydney but this is far more exciting!

morag said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006

congrats to you both. can't wait to meet the little one. we're all thrilled at muirhouse. marianne had a little boy just about an hour after you peta but i bet he's not as gorgeous. love to you all. morag xxx

Meli said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006

Woohoo!!! He's gorgeous! But HUGE!! Well done Peta. Love you xxxxxxx

McFuzzball said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006

Youth Services said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006

Congratulations to you both on the new addition! He looks absolutely gorgeous!! Lots of love from everyone at Youth Services xxxxx

Tina said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006

Fab! Well done huni, and congrats! Hugs to you and Cole and a bunch of baby kisses for the wee one. Looking forward to getting all the labour details later!

McFuzball said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006

Wonderful!! many congratulations and salutations to Ma, Pa & wee Wullie!

lotsa luv Mags & Ayns x

Jacqui said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006

Welcome to plant earth little 'un and be gentle with your parents - the tiny baby thing can be equally wonderous and scary. Well done team - once you all bed and work out nourishment for you all it will all get easier and more delightful as time goes by (well until they get hormones and free will some years hence). Best advice - Stay calm all will be fine.

seelee said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006


Lynne and David said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006

Congratulations Cole and Peta for beautiful Gethin who certainly brought smiles and tears our way with the pictures. Much love xxx

michelle & eric said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006

Congratulations to all three of you.
That is wonderful news.
Well done peta!
lots of love and best wishes

brenda & peter said on Tuesday, 4th April 2006

congratulations to you both. all the best with you're adorable son William.
All my love to mummy and well done...hello william, can't wait to sing little green frog at granton with you even though i lost the weight sweepstake big time!!. xxx

Oompa said on Monday, 3rd April 2006


Hope the waiting was worth it - a big bugger though. Much love to you all

Pops (now Oompa)

Aunty Leiske said on Monday, 3rd April 2006

This is torture......(more so for you I imagine!)

No news since 6.00am!!!! Peta I really hope you're not in for the long haul with Bairn! We're all thinking about you down here & willing you on (can't imagine how Cole is doing/helping you through this?!). Looks like we'll both be having Arians (not bad all things considered-lets just hope baby Withers doesn't arrive a few days late making him/her a Taurian-no offence to any taurians out there!!!).

Anyway, hope the birthing pool is doing the trick & Cole's not busy still trying to get his goggles & flippers on!!!! Keep up the good work. Love Aunty Leiske, Will & cousin to bairn! XXXX

jane hostler said on Monday, 3rd April 2006

Best of luck!

Kate said on Monday, 3rd April 2006

Hey babe!!!

Hope you all well, and are you still getting twinges?

I'm off to Ny tmro and don't want to miss all the excitment.

Happy birthing!
Loads of love, hugs and chocolate

sarah s said on Monday, 3rd April 2006

good luck cole & peta!

Dave said on Saturday, 1st April 2006

Poor Peta, I feel for you, a lazy bairn indeed. I suggest you and Cole hold long conversations discussing something imaginary with phrases such as "wow, isn't THAT interesting", "I've never seen anything like it" and "Well, I never knew THAT". Eventually bairn'll get so curious that he/she'll pop out to have a look and... BINGO!
best of luck with it. We're all waiting with baited breath (whatever that's not like I'm sitting here with a small worm hooked on the end of my tongue or anything). xxx

michelle & eric said on Saturday, 1st April 2006

Hiya Peta!
Hope you're feeling ok! You're baby obviously likes it too much where she/he is!
Good luck with everything and take care
lots of love michelle and eric xxxx

Meli said on Friday, 31st March 2006

Well Steli, frankly we are very disappointed. The 30th March was the day we requested for your arrival, and what day is it now? And still no appearance. Steve has taken to drink, harvey is sleeping through the disappointment and I am drinking buckets of cammomile tea to soothe my nerves. See what an effect you are having, and you're not even here yet. Does this bode well for the future I wonder. Just remember to be nice to your mummy on the way out! xxxxx

Shelley said on Friday, 31st March 2006

Hurry up Baby Henley!! But please don't play any april fools jokes tomorrow... Lots of love and deep breaths xxx

uma henley said on Wednesday, 29th March 2006

you'll give poor bump a guilt complex..he'll come when hes ready probably April 1st to get his own back. Relax and enjoy

Ken Future Great Grandad said on Sunday, 26th March 2006

Twas the day it was due
And we are waiting to read
That the bairn had arrived
And it was healthy indeed
Our thoughts are with you
At this anxious time
We watch this blog
For another Coles rhyme

Future Great Grandpops

Steffy Weffy said on Friday, 24th March 2006

Hey Cole and Peta and Bairn, Wishing you all the happiness in the world with whats about to unfold, although it will be the bairn bringing you this and not the wish within this message. Hope to see some photos sometime, and will hopefully pay a visit in the summer.

much love x x

calum doyle said on Friday, 24th March 2006

hi peta looking forword 2 seeing the baby good luck to all xx

brenda said on Thursday, 23rd March 2006

Just saying hello again and to give you the good news that little emma at granton is now big sister to little laura as of last tuesday!! aaawwwhh. Hope all is well with you two and good luck for the big day. xxx

Pops - Soon to be Oompa! said on Wednesday, 22nd March 2006

You should have started online betting on the bairn sex... not long now, make the most of the quiet nights while you can. Yes little kids do grow up and they don't stay small for long - just look at Cole.

Benji said on Wednesday, 22nd March 2006

Hey Cole (& family),

Found you off of DaveG's blog, hope all is well with you guys....Bristol is good, life is smart.

Be safe, cool and all that jazz.


Elspeth & Scott said on Tuesday, 21st March 2006

Remember, this will be the last time you have this much time or energy for blogging!! If it's a girl I hope she'll be a belly dancer, send her to me for lessons!

morag said on Monday, 20th March 2006

bairn blog is a great idea! wishing you all well

Lynne and David said on Friday, 17th March 2006

With all those clothes are you sure your not expecting more than one bairn!!! Waiting in anticipation Lynne and David x

uma henley said on Tuesday, 14th March 2006

glad to see all those dreaded holiday diaries have paid off..lovely site, looking forward to the next great apening

Buck Mounthard - Future Spirital Advisor said on Tuesday, 14th March 2006

Congrats on the bairn and his/her new blog! Looking forward to going out drinking wiv him/her and gerneral corruption/education! Hee..hee.. loves ya both! xxx

Ken Future Great Grandad said on Monday, 13th March 2006

Not long to go now so Peta take it easy and gather your energy for a more mind blowing experience than it was conceiving. Keep well

steph said on Monday, 13th March 2006

oooooh!!! super exciting!you sure will make the bestest mommy ever Peta! grat page Cole, n I'm sure the sock monkey will be a treasured first toy. All the love and all the best! xxxx

sarah s said on Monday, 13th March 2006

Oooooohhhh! So exciting... Peta - you look great and the sock puppet is too cool. Best of luck to both of you and look forward to reading future updates. Sarah S x

Don Legat Anderson said on Saturday, 11th March 2006

your magnificient blog tells me you are standing up to fatherhood and have a talent for exploring hidden objects which should provide the means to support it. Many congrats to all three for winning the Great Grandchildren Marathon.

Mr T said on Saturday, 11th March 2006

Hi Peta and Cole. Great website. Best of luck! :) I can imagine daddy Cole being like Sean Connery in Indiana Jones 3. Cooooooooooool! "Junior!"

Amy said on Friday, 10th March 2006

Hi Peta,
I hope you are putting your feet up. I love the web page what a great idea! I can check on your progress while I am away. I'll see you and the little un soon. Lots of Love Amy
P.S It looks like I am in the minority but I think the scan looks like a little girl?

brenda said on Friday, 10th March 2006


Aunty Leiske said on Friday, 10th March 2006

oh, how exciting-a website dedicated to my future neice or nephew!!!!
Cole, fancy knocking one together for your neice/nephew?
wishing you both all the best in the next few weeks till the arrival of baby Henley. Baby Withers can't wait to meet his/her cousin ASAP!!!!

seelee said on Friday, 10th March 2006

doods! this site is a flippin marvellous idea...bravo!

hey peta - you look fantastic in those snaps

keep on bloggin daddy-o!

McFuzzball said on Friday, 10th March 2006

already the bairn is photogenic! hope those nappies come soon! luv Maggie & Ayns

Ellie Phant said on Friday, 10th March 2006

Good luck good luck gooooood luuuuuuck! I wonder if he/she'll be a macaroni pie/peekachoo fan too!?

Pops said on Friday, 10th March 2006

Don't forget to get a snorkel and mask for the water birth!